What does a planner do the week of a wedding?

I have the best job in the world, corny I know but its true, I get to plan one of the happiest days of a client’s life.

I bet a few of you have thought about how glamorous the job of a wedding planner is? But I have a little secret to tell you, the job is fun, exhilarating and rewarding, but sssh it’s not glamorous! The reality is working 7 days a week on a regular basis. The job is probably about 20% creative and 80% administrative. You spend long hours on the internet researching new products and services and meetings most days with either clients or suppliers. You also have to be incredibly organised because of course, its not just one wedding you’re working on at any one time.

I have been a wedding planner since 2002 and as such organising a wedding is second nature to me. But just what does my job entail? What’s it really like day to day for a regular wedding planner? I kept a diary for week commencing 11th June in the lead up to a client wedding, be warned there isn’t a dress fitting or cake tasting in sight!


The morning was spent relaxing before starting work at lunchtime, this is because I was working over the weekend at a clients wedding. I start work at midday on a 7th July wedding getting quotes for a mobile bar service and working on their budget. I confirm the DJ and recommend florists that are available. In fact I work late into the night sending final confirmations to suppliers for a wedding on the 16th June.

I sporadically check the BBC Weather and Met office for likelihood of rain on Saturday


The morning is spent answering emails then speaking to the stationer for this weekends wedding oh and checking the forecast for the 16th June (the ceremony will be outside) – not looking good, darn that rain.

I send the delivery/collection schedule to Milden Hall (venue for the wedding) so they know when to expect deliveries. I finish uploading articles to the UKAWP blog for June before handing over to my fellow director Kelly Chandler, I also speak to some students about our courses.

In the evening Lisa and I have a final mtg with 16th June clients; they hand over various bits needed for the wedding that I’ll take with me on the Friday.


In the Morning I drive to the local wholesalers so I can buy various widths of ribbon in shades of apple and plum to use at the wedding this weekend. We plan to use on trees hanging clear containers of flowers and buckets. I’ll use anywhere else we feel a bit of colour is needed!

I spend time comparing the different colours to the liberty fabric swatch used throughout the wedding design. Whilst there I spot some fabulous felt watering cans + windmills which are perfect for the children’s table.


I sporadically check the BBC Weather and Met office for likelihood of rain on Saturday – can you see a pattern yet?!

The afternoon was spent proofing final amendments for a wedding at the weekend then getting ready for a consultation in London. I don’t get home till after midnight as typically I just missed a train. Oh well coffee from Liverpool Street keeps me awake.


I pop along to my local garden centre to choose pots and plants for the children table, this time matching colours to the windmills which will go in the pots. After lunch I drive to a seamstress to collect the table runners she has made for the wedding. When back in the office I print the final schedule and design plan and get my folder ready.

I call my 7th July client to talk about final decision for bars and send her instructions on making origami birds.

I sporadically check the BBC Weather and Met office for likelihood of rain on Saturday – it’s looking more hopeful!


I sporadically check the BBC Weather and Met office for likelihood of rain on Saturday – I’m getting more confident on the outside ceremony, amazing how the weather changes drastically from torrential rain to no rain. Gotta love the British weather!

The morning is spent loading my car including some 3ft tables and wedding stationery for the wedding.

I collect my assistant (Lisa) and we arrive on site for 2pm, the priorities for today are:

• Getting the long tables in position and putting the table runners on them (phew they fit).

• The florist places hundreds (well perhaps slight exaggeration) of small vases down the centre of the tables.

• Lisa folds the napkins and attaches the personalised menus with alternating green and purple raffia.

• The children’s table is set up with the flowers and felt watering cans, looks great, wish I could sit there!

• The bar is delivered and set up, it looks like a leaning bar in Sudbury as the floor slopes down.

• Wedding Creative put a couple of backdrops up as well as fairy lights in the barn and festoon lighting in the courtyard

• Reluctantly I have organised a walkway from the barn to the bar just in case it rains, so I chat to the owner about positioning.

• I meet with Jackie, front of house for Chimneys Catering so we can run through the schedule and I give her a quick tour

• We cover the soft furnishings with green throws and an amazing quilted throw made from the liberty print – small things in life make me happy

We are there until 6pm before heading to supermarket to buy a few more last minute bits including our lunch for Saturday.

I come home to a lovely meal made by my husband and enjoy with some wine, ready for tomorrows wedding.


The wedding! An amazing day, I hope to show you pictures very soon.



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