Christmas Ideas

Christmas is nearly upon us! Are you prepared with your home décor and organisation? In this article, I’m highlighting some tips that help me in the festive period in terms of style but are still practical even if you have children.

Wrapping your Christmas presents

You’ve gone to the trouble of buying unique, personal gifts for your loved ones so now is the time to extend the excitement to the gift wrapping. You want you’re present to dazzle and delight from first glance, you want excitement to build as the present is opened.

As a parent of 3 children I’ve found designating a different colour to each child works really well as you don’t have to label every gift, your child knows from the colour whether it’s theirs or not. Makes life far less stressful!

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Dream Occasions

I always use good quality paper (so it doesn’t rip) and beautiful satin or organza ribbon. It doesn’t have to stop there, why not include lego men for children’s presents, or pearls, crystals, mini baubles on adult presents?

Of course, if you’re pressed for time there are professional wrappers that can assist you, whether in top department stores who wrap for an extra fee or independent professional wrappers like Wrapsody who specialise in creating inspired gift design for all occasions. There’ve been many times I’ve wished Mr C. would hire someone to wrap my presents as sadly it isn’t a skill he posseses!


Decorating your tree

When decorating your tree, always start with the lights, have the lights inset slightly, you don’t want to be seeing the lighting cord, start from the top so the end with the plug ends up at the bottom. The second items to go onto your tree is any garland you have like tinsel or strands of ribbon.

Finish with your hanging decorations, I have a mix of plain baubles and my more expensive pretty to look at versions or different shapes and sizes. My tree is more a winter wonderland with touches or purple, so lots of icicles, snowflakes and crystals. Don’t forget to hang decorations at the back of the tree as well and inside near the centre of the tree.

John Lewis Tree

Tree by John Lewis

Christmas Table

When decorating your Christmas table think about the colours that complement your Christmas tree but also the décor of your dining room. You want a design that complements all these elements perfectly. You might be going for traditional red & gold, a winter wonderland of white and silver or perhaps a more modern palate or aqua, teal and turquoise. What about a water goblet in one of these accent colours, set alongside your champagne clear glasses would look stunning.

Extend the décor into table linen, napkins, glassware, chargers and cutlery. This is the time to bring out your sparkly, more festive collection. Weddings have had a trend of hanging decorations and there is no reason why you can’t try this at home. Think about hanging baubles from the centre light fitting, or blasts of colour with pom poms. Ask a florist to create a centrepiece with flowers and candles, use a candelabra or for a cost effective option put fairy lights and coloured baubles into a glass bowl.

Even though it’s just my husband and children sitting down for our Christmas meal I still have set place settings with little tags, the children love finding their name, even though they’re sitting where they always do!

Another consideration is the presentation of napkins, these could be tied using some satin ribbon to complete the Christmas theme. Fold the napkins lengthwise and hang down over the side of each place setting. Your table isn’t complete without an abundance of candles or twinkly fairy lights.
Christmas-Decor-Ideas005 Christmas-Decor-Ideas006Hylands-House26 Christmas-Decor-Ideas008 Christmas-Decor-Ideas009Christmas Table Decor Ideas - Dream Occasions Christmas-Decor-Ideas010_DSC1831

The Christmas Wreath

One of the last things I do with my Christmas decorating is hanging a wreath on the door, it’s almost a message to say “now I’m ready, come on in and enjoy some festive joy with me!”

When choosing your perfect Christmas wreath it’s important for it to look festive, classy and, of course, attractive. Tastes vary from modern ones to more traditional versions. You might also plan to make your own by attending a workshop on wreath making.

Whether you decide to hang it on the front door, over the mantelpiece or anywhere else around the house, be sure the wreath will bring a Christmassy mood to the place. Securing the wreath with some beautiful, satin ribbon will definitely add to the eye-catching feature.

Don’t want to hang on your door? Many other options available including hanging on your window or as a table centrepiece.

Christmas Wreath Ideas - Dream Occasions

So there you have it, my simple tips that make my life a little easier each Christmas.

What do you do that makes your Christmas easier or prettier?

Want to get crafty and make some things yourself? One of my florists Jade Flower Designs is running Christmas wreath, garland and table decorating workshops at her unit in Coggeshall.

Christmas Presents wrapped professional by Wrapsody // Silver & Blue Christmas table settings, napkins by Neil Fortescue // White paper pom poms by Life’s a party // Large Frosted White Berry Christmas wreath by Ella James

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