Do you have a dream team?

Last Friday I was setting up a marquee for a client’s 25th wedding anniversary party. The day before is when all the installations happen like generator, toilets, bar, furniture & final details for the marquee. When teaching the step by step course via the UKAWP we talk about your ‘DREAM TEAM’ and that as a planner you are only as good as your team. After all this is what a client is paying you for , anyone can find a bar, toilet or marquee etc. But are they any good? Will they work together to ensure everything is perfect?

At one stage I stood back and watched while the generator company shouted a greeting to the toilet company, (despite them being competitors) they told me they often help each other out if booked that weekend. Which reminded me of how successful planners network and help each other esp. those members of the UKAWP.

Then the marquee company arrived and joked with both the generator & toilet company, the generator needed a little heave up a slope so everyone pitched in. Everyone knew each other and had worked together in the past. There was mutual respect, hard work and professionalism.

The bar company is fantastic, the time they put into building their bar & stocking is astounding. And that evening the band I had booked is one I have been using for years so again I knew the evening was going to be fantastic!

So to summarise, although anyone can plan an event on their own, I truly believe it is a planner that ensures a client has the best team possible to make their event a success.

A recent client in June sent me a letter of thanks for her party saying ” you finalised the whole event with excellent furniture, a fantastic bar and absolutely brilliant band. I would never have found these companies searching the internet. I also appreciated the other details: garden lighting, printing, jazz band and flowers etc. It was fantastic, thank you so much” Sally Tinney

I hope to bring you images from this event very soon…..

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