Do you use the 5 senses?

Whenever I am creating a design for an event I try to evoke as many senses as I can.

SIGHT – visually I want the design to look stunning, I love to hear guests exclamations when they enter the venue or marquee. I love to do something they havent seen at any other wedding or party.

SOUND – I always ensure the music is good building up throughout the day. Sometimes I am using up to 6 different musicial elements throughout the day. I remember one wedding had a gospel choir , soloist , bagpiper , Dean Martin singer, ABBA band and funk band. In our first meeting they said they wanted to build up the music so it was very vibrant in the evening.

TOUCH –  I like to use fabrics that guests can touch (cushions, ribbon, table sparkles).

TASTE – Doesnt matter how beautiful the event is, if you dont have good food guests will remember and complain for months after to anyone that asks! So ensure your guests are well fed during the day and evening.

SMELL – frequently I spritz a room with a spray before guests enter plus I use scented candles on coffee tables and poseur tables. Try to use a scent that complements the event.

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