Flash Mob Proposals

There has been an amazing increase of flash mob style proposals over the last year; it seems the more public the better. But is it really necessary? It brings me back to my top tips on proposing which I published back in January 

Private – will she be happy with a public proposal with friends and family or do you think she is more private, it’s important to ensure she is within her comfort zone

Don’t just arrange a flash mob proposal because it’s all the rage, remember to think about your girlfriend/boyfriend, is it what they would want? Who should be the centre of attention you or the person you’re proposing to?

Now don’t get me wrong, I think there are so many fantastic flash mob proposals and I’m not going to stop showing you them as I do honestly love them. For example I love this one featuring some young dancers, they are not all in step together but I think that’s what makes it cute, I also love it when the guy proposing thinks he lost the ring – bless!

What do you think, should a proposal be private or the more the merrier?


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