Funky Engagement Shoot

Today I was having a catch up with one of my photographers Nick Kontou whilst browsing his blog at the same time, see I can multi task! I mentioned how stunning one of his weddings was for Helen & Dan, they used orange, green & pink throughout the wedding which lookod fabulous.  Do also follow the link for the getting ready shots inc. the ushers in green socks 🙂


He then told me to look at their engagement shoot, each table featured a different photographic scenario representing them as a couple, with the table number. How brilliant, you can tell they had a lot of fun recreating the scenarios.

That’s ok darling you sit and relax, I’ll mow the lawn. Very similar to the Chapman house, I NEVER mow the lawn and frankly would rather read a book whilst Mr Chapman does the hard work!


ooh hello, I quite fancy you!helendan2

If you have organised something unique for your tables names or had a funky engagement shoot, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo Credit

Nick Kontou

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