Honeymoon anyone?

At the end of 2010 the ‘Chapman’ family took a well deserved holiday to Tunisia (thankfully well before the riots) , as a busy working Mum I literally did not have time to search the internet for a good deal. I do that for my clients but for me? Yikes – I’m a believer in delegating. Now I could ask Mr Chapman but I was worried he’d book us a week in Scotland, I love Scotland but I wanted some SUN! So I called a wonderful lady called Jacqueline Pattle who is an independent travel agent working for Travel Counsellors , this is a different kind of travel agency as their advisors all work from home. a bit like a wedding planner!  A little known fact about me is that I used to work in travel and this is what I trained in with qualifications relating to the travel industry, I went from there to TV to Weddings but I digress…….

>From reviewing the Travel Counsellors website I could see all agents were insured and registered and most importantly clients protected. So I called Jacqueline, explained what I wanted for our young family and she did the rest. I was so pleased with the service I asked about her honeymoon experience for my brides, and here is what she said….


Even the best-planned wedding leaves the happy pair in need of some time to themselves to recuperate and adjust to the idea of being a married couple – which is why honeymoons were invented!

Choosing the right honeymoon will really set the seal on the whole wedding – and the choice may not be so simple as choosing your ideal or dream holiday. For instance, even the most get-up-and-go couple might be well advised to give trekking in the Himalayas a miss on this occasion and get a little pampering and ‘us’ time!


Getting this balance right  and making the arrangements for this special holiday calls for the expertise of an experienced Honeymoon Planner – someone with the knowledge to suggest the perfect getaway for each individual couple, and who knows what little extras will lift the experience above just another holiday.

It’s also useful to be able to draw on the knowledge of a travel professional – if your wedding takes place in the summer it’s a good idea NOT to honeymoon in the Caribbean – hurricane season! Bali, on the other hand…


A honeymoon specialist will know which hotels and resorts cater best for honeymoon couples, and have contacts at those hotels, and will be able to liaise with them to get you the best rooms, complimentary upgrades, and those little touches that make you feel  a special guest, be it candlelit dinners on a deserted tropical beach, or a luxury safari camp with your own butler!

To experience a honeymoon service with customer service and an attention to detail that is second to none, call Jacqueline Pattle on 0845 058 7268 or to find out more visit her website . She’ll be able to take all the stress and uncertainty away, using her detailed knowledge and experience to ensure that your honeymoon completes your wonderful wedding experience.


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