How to survive South Africa 2010 World Cup

For the months of June and July 2010 England will be competing in the World Cup in South Africa. If you are worried that football fever will take over your wedding, we have some tips on how you can keep your groom and guests happy. We can understand you have been planning your wedding for the past 18 months and have been looking forward to that perfect day, but then you find out that England have made it to the World Cup finals and rumours start happening on guests saying they may not make it after all….So what can you do to keep your sanity? Firstly relax as there are some ways you can incorporate this international event into your wedding and still keep it as the day you have been dreaming of.

Be preparedBy finding out the dates that the England matches are being played, you can be prepared. Try logging on to the FA website or FIFA for up to date information.

Consider setting up a TV at your reception venueIf your venue has an appropriate area such as a separate bar area, consider setting up a TV for guests to watch the action unfold on the big screen. You will be sure to keep your guests (and of course your groom happy). If the match is happening throughout dinner ask the caterers to update the best man every 20 mins so he can tell the guests via a mic. much better then guests trying to look at their iphones under the tables or worse mini radios with the men huddled together!

Host a World Cup sweepstakeThis is an excellent way to bring the element of fun to your wedding and be sure to get all your guests involved. Check out the following link for your World Cup sweepstake and have some fun. Try predicting the scores of the games and test your football knowledge.

Incorporate the event into your wedding celebrationsConsider hosting a World Cup themed BBQ the day after your wedding for close friends and family. By doing this, you can feel that the event is all part of your wedding celebrations, and can bring the element of fun to the weekend. You can enjoy watching the game over a cold beer as husband and wife and enjoy relaxing after the stresses of wedding planning.

Thank you to Clare Stephens who is our June intern for her assistance putting this article together

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