I adore: Swapping the heels for flats

Every now and then you discover a product and think “ how clever” , “how simple” and “wish I’d thought of it!

I was contacted recently by Rollasole about their pumps that roll up for your handbag but in particular the range of ‘wedding boxes’ for guests who simply can’t dance in their heels a moment longer! anyone that knows me will appreciate I am not a lover of heels, I really wish I could wear them for hours but the honest truth is, I travel to meetings in my boots then change into my heels! Not very trendy is it but hey that’s me! So, when I found out about this company I thought how clever.

Who are Rollasole?

Rollasole was founded in 2008 when Matt Horan decided there had to be an alternative to the obligatory “piggy back” home after a night out with his lady. From that point Matt developed and patented the unique roll-up shoe.

The Wedding Box

The wedding boxes contain 6 small, 12 medium and 6 large Rollasoles all in a classic pewter colour to match any dress and are perfect as either a wedding favour or even just to add another special touch to make the day even more memorable. Each Rollasole comes individually rolled up with their own high-heel carry bag and tied with a white ribbon.

The Cost

A box of 24 pairs of Rollasole shoes for 24 guests is £144.95 (about £6 per rollasole)

A special discount

Rollasole have been incredibly generous and are offering a 20% discount to my readers, to quality go t their website and enter the following code at checkout RLLAWED








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