Introducing Leilani our Dream Occasions intern

I am so excited to introduce you to my new intern superstar Leilani who has taken over from Lucie , she will be with us until July. She joins our team bringing with her heaps of experience in marketing and events management from a previous corporate career. But thats not why she is with me, I loved her infectious personality, in fact I think it could be a competition to see who talks more.

Here is a little more about Leilani:

Dream Occasions intern Leilani

  • I am half Burmese and half English, but my name is Hawaiian and means ‘Heavenly Flower’
  • I was born and raised in Islington, and played for the under 16’s Arsenal Girls Football Team
  • I have been married to my husband for 5 years and we have been together for 11 years
  • I have a 4 year daughter named Kiera who is my best friend
  • I am a loyal, caring and hard working person, who hates letting people down
  • I enjoy cooking and cleaning and have had a very long loving relationship with bleach and Chili
  • My life is a list – I live by my ‘To Do List’ (meaning she’s perfect for Dream Occasions!)
  • I am a Weight Watchers Leader and have been for nearly 2 years, after losing 3 stone
  • I love singing and know the words to 1000’s of songs
  • I love making things, and designing things like stationery and have made invitations for parties & weddings
  • I have organised numerous events that include Celebrity Chef demos, showroom openings, At home entertaining, Weddings and    milestone birthday parties – and loved every second!!
  • My favourite food is anything with cheese and I love Champagne!!
  • I bought my first house when I was 21 and have since bought and sold a further 3, all in less than 7 weeks from date of sale to  moving into the new one

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