Leap Year Proposals 2016

That special year has come around once again for would-be brides – 2016 is a leap year! February 29th is the traditional day in which according to ancient tradition, women are ‘allowed’ to propose to their partner, which can be a really fun and exciting opportunity to take the next step forward. If you’re interested in knowing a little more about the origins of leap year proposals read this blog post.

Are you planning to propose to your man? Make sure you look before you leap and follow our tips for a successful proposal!

Leap Year Proposals - Dream Occasions

First off, be sure of the answer you’re going to get! Have you broached the marriage topic before? Has he mentioned how he feels about marriage? Be sure you know where you both stand so there’s no question when you ‘pop the question’. On the flip side, look out for signs he might be planning to propose to you! You don’t want to ruin a plan months in the making by getting there first…

Leap Year Proposals - Dream Occasions

So if you’re feeling confident and you don’t think you’re stepping on his proposal toes, here are my top five tips for a perfect proposal:

  1. Remember to tailor the proposal to him – what are his likes and dislikes, where is his favourite spot? Our proposal service helps put together the perfect proposal plan, working with you to determine what will really bowl him over.
  2. Be honest about your feelings – why do you want to marry him? Don’t just tell him you love him, tell him why you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Trust me, it’ll make the moment so much more special.
  3. The old wives tale dictates a successful leap year proposal can be achieved by wearing a red petticoat under your dress – why not have a bit of fun and wear some red as a nod to the past!
  4. When women get engaged they typically get that special sparkler for their finger – consider what might work for your groom-to-be. Perhaps it’s a watch, or perhaps another bespoke ring to wear on his non-wedding hand!
  5. Set the scene somewhere, he can concentrate on you and the big question – don’t blurt it out in a crowded train station or at a loud gig!

Leap Year Proposals - Dream Occasions

Consider these fun proposal ideas for February 29th!

  1. Set up a photo shoot with a photographer, tell him it’s ‘just because’. Have the photographer take some natural shots of you both walking romantically through the park, and on the final shot you get down on one knee or hold up a sign saying ‘Will You Marry Me?’ – and capture your man’s reaction on camera!
  2. Why not set up a treasure hunt just for fun at one of your favourite spots. Hand him the first beautifully designed clue with a wink and watch as he discovers new clues and gifts – maybe even some mementos of your life together so far. As he gets to the last location, he finds a bottle of champagne and glasses, and you ready to ask him to marry you.
  3. If you’re worried your voice will crack, and the words won’t flow, how about sending him a personalized card from Ananya Cards. Send it in the post and watch him open in surprise. You could follow this up with reservations at his favourite restaurant for lunch.
  4. Lastly, if in doubt go for the food! GC Couture makes some incredible proposal cakes you can redesign for your man. Because of course, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Leap Year Proposals - Dream Occasions

So once the question has been asked and you’re ready to start planning your wedding, don’t forget to call upon the services of a wedding planner to help you through all that hard work plan the wedding of your dreams!

Photo Credits:
Stationery images: Ananya Cards // Proposal Cake: GC Couture

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