Little touches for your guests

Sometimes its the little touches that guests remember and I’m not talking about the design, I’m thinking about things that makes the day easier and more relaxed for your guests. Some of the things I have done in the past which has worked well at weddings are:

  1. Provision of suncream on a hot summers day
  2. Provision of hand fans for ladies on a hot summers day
  3. Basket of essentials in the toilets (hand cream, hairspray, brush, sewing kit, nail file, hair grips, body spray, tissues)
  4. Transportation to and from hotels so guests dont have to drive nor pay for a taxi
  5. Welcome packs in hotel rooms for out of town guests (map of the area, list tourist attractions, mini essentials, scented candle, hangover cure, sweeties)

What touches do you plan to include on your wedding?



Photo Credit – Harvey Collard

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