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If you are planning on proposing to your girlfriend then here are our top tips:

  • Have the ring – read our previous post on selecting the right ring
  • Prepare – you wouldn’t dream of doing a company presentation without preparing beforehand so give the same preparation for the proposal. Create a plan that includes how you will propose, where you will proposal, the time and even what you will wear. Not forgetting the actually delivery of ‘will you marry me?’
  • Her Likes – remember you are trying to evoke a beautiful memory for years to come of the proposal so make sure you know what she likes. Listen to her; has she ever mentioned a place she would like to go? Maybe there is a place you go as a couple, the beach, woods, restaurant – is this a suitable setting for the proposal.
  • Private – will she be happy with a public proposal with friends and family or do you think she is more private, it’s important to ensure she is within her comfort zone.
  • Tradition – is she traditional? If so she will probably want you to ask her fathers permission to marry her first. Do this in person if possible and of course assuming he says yes, brief him on when you hope to propose and ask him to keep it confidential for now.
  • Memories – think about asking a videographer or photographer to record the moment, especially her surprise and hopefully a delighted YES! Or if budget is tight ask a trusted friend or family member to record the moment for you ensuring they are sworn to secrecy.
  • Imagination – don’t just book a restaurant and pop the question, put some thought into the process and personalise. Think about why you want to marry her, what makes her special? If you can show you truly know her and have listened to what she likes/dislikes she will love you all over again.
  • The little touches Remember a girl loves the little touches so if you are unsure how to make the proposal individual speak to a trusted female friend for her opinion.

And finally if you need some help consider our marriage proposal service which starts at just £95

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