No photoshoots for me!

In May my dear friend and fellow wedding planner Kelly, wrote a post for the UKAWP Blog entitled ‘What kind of Planner are you?’ This particular post was talking about the differences in planners and how you should play to your strengths.

The industry is very diverse and bursting with wedding planners, so very different to when I started in 2002. When I launched a bride would view your website, meet with you then book you. Now however there are so many types of planners to match the diversity of brides. After all not every bride is the same so it stands to reason that planners should and would be as individual as well.

Being end of July, I am of course swamped with my events, a few have been and gone and there are still many more for this summer and clients for 2012. As I’m typing this, my office and desk are bursting with items for a themed wedding on Saturday. I don’t seem to have time to breathe so I am amazed at the planners that manage to update their blog on a regular basis, tweet throughout the day and organise gorgeous stylish photoshoots or catch up with suppliers for lunch.  I look at what they are doing and think ‘OMG how do you have time’! But then I know many of them personally via my work with the UKAWP and I know they are incredibly creative, they must unleash their creativity every once and a while.

I remember in June Kelly from Boho Bride wrote an article about trying to juggle her work as a planner and blogger And I can emphasise with what she was saying except in my case I juggle Dream Occasions Event Planning, Dream Occasions Hire and the UKAWP – not to mention I’m a wife and Mum of 3!

So it brings us back to the point that every bride and planner is different. Because I am so experienced with marquees I tend to get hired by those wanting their marquee functions to be perfect. They want attention to detail, the best suppliers and the best final touches. A recent client said to me after the event that she could see I choose my suppliers with care because every person I recommended was superb and of a high standard. But that is the type of client I get. That is the type of event I organise – I know my strengths and I play to them. When it comes to organising barns or marquees I can do it with my eyes shut, I get excited talking about power and mobile toilets. Some might say I need to get out more!

Other planners specialise in destination weddings or boutique London events. You have to play to your strengths and recognise your niche.

Planners what are your strengths? Do you have a niche?


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