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Recently I met with the lovely Lloyd Dobbie for a catch up before the season gets too wild! We started talking about wedding trends and how they have evolved.  I know my readers always like to learn about new trends so I asked him to put it down on paper! Thanks for doing this Lloyd, I hope to bring you more trends over the coming weeks, if you haven’t read it already, don’t forget to read my predictions for wedding colours this year.

Classic Black and White
Increasingly couples are requesting that at least half (sometimes more) of their images are in black and white. The sepia look that has been part of the Vintage trend and so popular in the last few years is now being replaced by a more classic monochrome black and white finish. Listening to my clients, I realise that they are sufficiently ‘visually aware’ to appreciate that some images benefit from being displayed in black and white.

Second Photographer
Once an option confined to weddings with a larger guest lists, a second photographer is now frequently being requested by the grooms to capture the boys preparation (those cravats don’t tie themselves, ladies!) and pre-wedding lunch. Couples also seem to appreciate the increased flexibility offered by the option; for instance during the wedding ceremony at the church (less moving around means happier priest!) and at the wedding reception where more the formal shots can be captured in less time.

Album Renaissance
The easy availability of ‘do it yourself’ books via online publishing means that many newlyweds will buy the files from their photographer to create their own storybook after the wedding.
However, photographers who offer high quality, handmade albums are also finding that there is a resurgence in demand for these from couples who desire a professionally designed display of their wedding photographs.
It looks as though we are heading towards the final presentation of wedding photography being in a far more tactile form than can be offered by a computer monitor alone.

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  1. Montreal Wedding Photograher on 21st January 2012 at 5:19 am

    There is one more definite trend that is still strong and gets stronger at least in Montreal Wedding photography – the so called Modern Vintage.
    We even use some of the pictures as opening pictures of our blog.

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