Planning a Civil Partnership

Since the civil partnership law was passed in 2005 I have been excited about the prospect of organising a same sex wedding. I didn’t expect it to take 7 years though! In June 2012 I finally organised a female civil partnership, my clients were lovely and I now consider them dear friends.

When organising this wedding I was astounded at what little help there is out there for couples. There are plenty of magazines and blogs aimed at heterosexual couples with advice and inspiration, but hardly anything for gay couples. The blogs in the UK have started featuring civil partnerships which is a definite step in the right direction.

Of course organising a heterosexual wedding or civil partnership is pretty much the same, but there are some etiquette dilemmas that may confuse couples. It can be hard knowing the protocol for a civil partnership, especially if you have not been to one before.  For example will you walk down the aisle together or separate, will there be bridesmaids and a best man?

What readings and music are appropriate? What about the speeches, who will speak?

Alongside the planning service you select, Dream Occasions will assist you with these dilemmas and many more.  If you are planning a civil partnership and would like some help, do give us a call. You can view Nicky & Natalie wedding via our gallery.

“We owe our perfect day to you, thanks for all your hard work, planning and caring that you would create the day of our dreams. Now I get why you’re called Dream Occasions. We hope to work together again in the future..” Nicky & Natalie, (female civil partnership) June 2012


Photo credit: Mark Bothwell


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