Posing For Your Wedding Photographs

Everyone wants picture perfect beautiful wedding photos, but most people don’t believe they photograph well.  That is exactly why you hire a professional photographer to do your wedding pictures, but there are some easy tips and tricks you can practice in the mirror and use to put your best side forward.

Necks and chins always look thinner and more elegant in pictures if you push your chin forward and down slightly – this slims, tightens and smoothes out any wrinkles. Never lean back when having your photo taken. Turning your head slightly will also take care of noses that appear large in photos.



Slim down your arms by holding them slightly away from your body, especially when holding the bouquet.  The tops of arms are notorious for the “fat” look if you lean on them or hold them too tightly against your sides.



Bouquets are beautiful bridal accessories and often bring lovely colour into portraits.  Hold your bouquet around waist level so that none of the gorgeous detail of your dress or jewellery is hidden.  Remember that big bouquets can be very heavy so take this into account when ordering.



Discuss any particular concerns or preferences with your photographer before your wedding day.  If you prefer a certain side for portraits be sure to let them know rather than dancing awkwardly around the camera.



Most of all I recommend that you have a pre-wedding shoot with your chosen photographer to get to know one another and get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.  That way you can relax and enjoy your day knowing the photographs will be amazing.



Part of a wedding planner’s job is setting the scene for picture perfect moments.  Coordinating guests in a confetti line for a great confetti shot, getting the lighting and decor just right and making sure the fire hydrant is out of sight!   We work closely with your photographer to ensure a picture perfect result for your wedding album.

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Photography: Jasmine Jade

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