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When my Mum went to America end of 2008 I begged her to bring back some US bridal magazines but also gave specific instructions to get me ‘Preston Bailey, Inspirations. For those that do not know he is a celebrity event designer in the US renowned for his elaborate floral creations. She duly returned home with said book moaning somewhat by the size (and price) of it. But boy was it worth every penny to see inside the mind of this amazing designer.



The book starts with his introduction ‘Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a breath. Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come at any time‘ I for one can relate to that, I have been in the most obscure places  when suddenly a flash of inspiration comes to me for a clients wedding, I could be on holiday, talking with friends or just watching a film but when it comes I take note and write my ideas down.

 The chapters within the book are listed below and should give you an understanding of how varied his designs are. 

  1. Contemporary Conservatory in Texas
  2. Autumnal Artistry in Virginia
  3. A Royal Wedding
  4. Pink Fantasy at the Waldorf – Astoria
  5. Four Seasons Finesse
  6. Scene clearly in Niagara Falls
  7. Post-Impressionistic at the Met
  8. Timeless Elegance in the Hamptons
  9. Star Studded Cabaret at the Pierre
  10.  Mar-a-Lago Grandeur
  11.  Signature Preston Bailey

 The combination of his floral displays, exquisite table linen and lighting make the designs inspirational. Whenever I look at American receptions I get a little jealous over the choice of linen available whereas we only seem to have plain, brocade or Milan stripe! The variety of linen is just astonishing and really finishes his designs perfectly.

If you are looking for a book to inspire you with an event you are organising then you really cant go wrong with this book, it truly is inspirational.

Useful links: Preston Bailey & Amazon

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