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Spring is a good time to be a woman when it comes to flowers, there is valentines day, easter and Mothers day. If you are lucky to receive some flowers I have some wonderful tips from Cindy Kirkland from CK Works on how to ensure they last as long as possible. Cindy is a fantastic florist based in Surrey who creates the most beautiful romantic displays for events.

cindy-kirkland-590Choose blooms with firm petals or with buds that show a degree of colour to ensure the flowers will develop fully

Strip off all the leaves below the water line as they will decompose and create bacteria which will cause premature ageing – of the flowers not yourself!!

Cut at least 3cm off the bottom of the stems, making a slanted cut and providing the stem a larger surface area to take up more water

Ensure your vases are thoroughly clean

Use fresh, lukewarm water with commercial cut flower food; this contains less oxygen, therefore helping to prevent air bubbles from entering the stems which will stop the flowers from taking up water

Place your flowers in a cool position away from heat, draughts and direct sunlight. Fruit or vegetables release small amounts of ethylene gas which prematurely ages fresh flowers.

Keep floral foam based displays moist by topping up the water every 2/3 days and adding flower food in proportion

Do not…. add copper coins, aspirin, lemonade or bleach to the water with cut flowers. These are popular tricks but NOT scientifically proven to work

Do not…smash or pierce stems or use blunt scissors, this destroys the water vessels and inhibits water uptake, encouraging bacteria to multiply and in turn causing flower undue stress.Thank you Cindy for those top tips!

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