Tips for the Perfect Dessert Table

Dessert tables have become a staple feature of modern celebrations. I’m seeing so many more clients opt out of the big feature cake and instead go for a gorgeous smorgasbord of tasty treats. Perfect choice for the couples who aren’t good at making choices for their wedding but also fabulous for party clients as we can really theme the display in flamboyant ways, which we can’t always do for weddings!

So how do you make your dessert table stand out and Insta-worthy?

Pick a Theme

The first rule of all good design – pick a theme or colour scheme and run it all the way through your day. The same applies for a dessert buffet. Bring your wedding motifs into the display – go for colourful origami scattered amongst the cupcakes for your geometric industrial vibe, or black and gold macaroon pops on a sequin tablecloth to fit in with your 1920’s Speakeasy theme.

Wedding Dessert Table - Dream Occasions

Backdrop and Signage

Though it’s not vital, it does help draw your guests towards it like a delicious siren call! Find something that works for your overall design – foliage and banners, wooden pallets, balloons or even a pink neon sign saying simply ‘yum’.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas002

Make sure you give your guests a little heads up about what’s on offer and place little signs showing them the menu.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas003

Mix it Up

Make your table look visually dynamic by mixing up the way you’re displaying all your desserts and putting some options at different heights.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas004

Have some sweets in jars, some under glass domes, some on cake stands and some in birdcages – go crazy. It needs to look photogenic as well as appetizing. But when you’re sketching it out, remember to look at where the eye is drawn. A rule of thumb is to have a larger, taller cake in the middle to draw the eye, but you could get the same effect by bookending your dessert table with higher feature cakes or towers.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas005


No one will eat your lovely desserts if they can’t see them. Don’t forget the importance of lighting, especially if you’re rolling out your buffet during the evening party, so make sure your table is well lit. Candles at different heights on the table itself, string lights behind it or a colourful patterned spotlight will draw your guests in.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas009


Lastly, consider what you want to put on your dessert table. Aim for 6-8 types for your guests to choose from. Get a good mixture of light and airy bite-size pieces like macaroons and marshmallows and more dense, decadent desserts like cakes and pies.

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas006Wedding Dessert Table Ideas007

Paris Dessert Table: Suscre // Hedsor Wedding Showcase: Caper & Berry

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