Top ideas for table names

One decision that couples tend to have difficulty agreeing on, is what to call their tables, do they choose numbers or name them? If they name them what should it be, should it reflect the theme or have meaning to them. Before I give you some top ideas I thought I would share with you some favourite past table names of my clients over the years. Many clients opt to have names of places meaningful to them as a couple – as these are very personal I have decided not to share those examples with you, sticking instead to theme names.


Midsummer Night Theme/ Woodland Fairy Theme 

–        Field Rose

–        Musk Mallow

–        Daisy

–        Enchanters Nightshade

–        Wild Pansy

–        Willow Herb

–        Foxglove

–        Lavender

–        Buttercup

–        Honeysuckle


Wilkins Jam (the brides Father was a director)

–        Little Scarlet

–        Blackcurrent

–        Mulberry

–        Raspberry

–        Crab Apple

–        Morello Cherry

–        Damson

–        Medlar

–        Quince

–        Greengage

–        Loganberry

–        Victoria Plum


Traditional English Wedding (the below are names of roses)

–        Queen Elizabeth

–        Rosamundi

–        Gertrude Jekyll

–        Cressida

–        Jude the Obscure

–        Albertine

–        Eglantyne

–        Belle Epoque

–        Leander

–        Charmian

Photo Credit: Kerry Morgan & Harvey Collard 

Top 10 ideas for table names

  1. Favourite films/TV Shows
  2. Drink (Names of Champagne / Favourite cocktails / Names of favourite wine)
  3. Names of favourite restaurants
  4. Travel (Cities you’ve visited / Countries you’ve been on holiday together / Places that have meaning to you i.e name of your house, hospital where son/daughter was born, hotels, place you grew up)
  5. Kings and queens
  6. Favourite authors
  7. Quotations (Poems / Books / Films / Songs)
  8. Retro (Sweets / Computer Games / Board Games)
  9. Horticultural (flowers / Herbs / Trees / Plants)
  10. Numbers that have relevance to you as a couple
    • Number of your house
    • Date you met i.e. 10/06/09
    • Number of countries you have visited
    • Number of holidays you have had
    • Date you moved in together (if relevant)
    • Birthdays

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