Trick or Treat!

I have a guilty secret, I adore Halloween. Even before I had children I would decorate the house and garden and dress up for the trick or treaters! I have therefore created a spooky mood board of my favourite things to do at Halloween parties. If you are planning to get all spooky with your house here are a few tips:

  • Create a graveyard in your front garden. Paint old bits of wood or cardboard and write RIP on them. Position in the garden and cover with spiders webbing and fake spiders.
  • Line the graveyard with lanterns and lit pumpkins
  • Create or buy silhouettes for the windows
  • Use a wok as your cauldron and fill with sweets for the trick or treaters
  • Use the webbing to drape on mirrors, picture frames, banisters – basically anywhere it can stretch and hang

Above all have fun this weekend.Halloween Board

Photo Credits:Cocktails, wreath and graveyard – Martha Stewart(fantastic site for Halloween ideas)Candelabra – Dream Occasions HireNibbles – Halloween Decorating IdeasPumpkin – White Hall Garden CentreTablecloth – Littlewoods

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