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As many of you know as well as organising fabulous events for my clients I am also an owner/director for the UKAWP. I am rather proud of the recent gorgeous transformation – if you get a moment do go and view the gorgeous new branding.

UKAWP Coaching Service | Bernadette Chapman



I adore my work at the UKAWP, I’m proud of the many talented wedding planners and suppliers who are our members. But there’s one direction my heart gets drawn to and that is nurturing planners and empowering them in their chosen career. We have done this in a variety of ways over the years from our classroom courses to seminars or more recently our facebook live recordings. We thoroughly believe in increasing your knowledge to become the best wedding planner you can possibly be. For many years we have offered a mentoring service but have now changed this to a more in-depth and intensive support via our 3-month coaching service.

This is open to any wedding industry supplier although of course, my expertise is with wedding planners. Both Sandy and I have spent thousands of pounds on business coaches and workshops, and completely understand how rewarding it can be to see the results in your business you always wanted. We believe that increasing your knowledge is the only way to ensure continual growth and success – both personally and in your business.

UKAWP Coaching Service | Bernadette Chapman

Due to the *intensive nature of the coaching service, we are only offering a limited number of spaces per year. To explore whether business coaching is right for you, book a 30-minute discovery call with Bernadette by clicking here.

* Each coaching client will receive 13 hours of skype coaching covering a range of topics which could include:

Pre-launch advice: your branding, website, marketing.

Services and Pricing: are you offering the correct types of services for maximum profit?
The sales process: how do you currently handle customers from enquiry stage through consultation and securing the booking?

UKAWP Coaching Service | Bernadette ChapmanOutsourcing: recognising when and what to outsource to ensure you’re more productive.

Planner envy: how to ensure you recognise your own strengths and play to them, rather than feel jealous of what others appear to be achieving.

UKAWP Coaching Service | Bernadette ChapmanEvent logistics: walking you through your first proposal, advising on complex bookings, general advice on wedding logistics.
Plus anything else which comes up throughout our time together.

UKAWP Coaching Service | Bernadette Chapman

If you think coaching might benefit you in your business book your 30-minute discovery call to find out more.

Photographer: Kate Nielen

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