Special touches for your wedding

Couples always want to incorporate little touches into their wedding. Usually, a lot of time and thought about the guests is put in. Here are some thoughts about those little touches, just for you to be aware of:

  1. Encourage your friends and family to send back their rsvp cards by making them more fun. Or how about a section asking for advice? For example “we think you’re a great couple because BLANK “, we think you should name your 1st child BLANK.”

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  1. Why have you invited each guest? Write a short message on the back of the seating card highlighting why they are special to you.
  1. If you love your dog and consider them part of the family think about including them in the wedding. Train them as ring bearers or if you want to keep it lower key ask your dog walker to bring them to the drink reception. You can even get floral collars in your wedding flowers. Cupid Collars are handmade using high quality silk and foam flowers with luxury satin ribbons. All collars have discreet velcro fastenings that attach to your dog’s current collar, the collar underneath hidden by beautiful blooms, ribbon and a show stopping bow. I have lots of ideas on my Pinterest board that show many 4 legged friends at their owners weddings.




Unique-Wedding-Ideas006Floral dog collars by Cupid Collars

  1. Ask a calligrapher to write a personal message to your parents, frame it or roll into a scroll. Ask a bridesmaid to hand deliver to them that morning.


  1. Something I like to do at weddings is to make small bouquets from all the wedding flowers to give to guests as they leave. My assistant and I begin making them around 11pm – no one will notice missing flowers by this time! Leave these on the path leading out of the venue and encourage guests to take a bunch as they depart.


  1. Treasure the generations of your family by asking the photographer to get an image of you, the mother of the bride and grandmother of the bride all holding the bouquet. Of course, if you have a daughter include her as well.

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  1. Worried not everyone knows why you fell in love with your bride/groom? Have little fact cards printed and leave on the tables or create a sign instead.


Photo Credits:
Bride and Groom holding picture on their parent’s wedding day: Bridal Guide & Ana Lui Photography // 5 things about him: Etsy // Calligraphic Note: Claire Gould // Photographer: Susan Arnold // Bouquets: Blue Sky Flowers // Floral Collars for dogs: Cupid Collars and Photographer Anneli Marinovich // RSVP Cards: Hip Hip Hooray 

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  1. Emily Stone on 9th September 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Love these little touches, especially including your dogs in your wedding images, so sweet!

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