2016 Wedding Trends

If you’re planning a wedding for 2016 you are no doubt in the midst of choosing what design you want on your big day. Generally speaking, once you’ve chosen your venue, and have your main suppliers booked, you will need to start thinking about the theme and colour scheme for your wedding.  For some brides choosing a theme will be so easy, and will be something they’ve been thinking about secretly for years.  But for most, it takes a little more investigation to find a style that suits you as a couple and is right for your big day. So what are the predicted wedding trends for 2016? Will you be incorporating some of them into your wedding design? In this piece we have spoken to some of our suppliers to get their predictions and what colours will be used.

2016 Wedding Trends - Dream Occasions

Before selecting a theme

Go back to basics and re-visit your venue, think about what is already there – the walls, floor and general décor, and surrounding area.  Is it by the sea, in the city or countryside?  Having all of these elements working with your choosing theme and colour will make the whole styling of your day so much easier.  Consider why you chose that particular venue in the first place – certain themes are more suited to certain types of venue.


Bringing the outside in… 

The enchanted woodland theme is set to be a big trend for 2016 and is a new twist on the rustic theme that has been hugely popular with brides for the past few years.  Think huge foliage chandeliers and hanging centrepieces, lots of foliage, gemstone tones and twinkling lights for a natural romantic look. Flowers have always been an integral part to most weddings, but next year will see the use of flowers everywhere – from flower garlands, hanging installations, flower crowns, to stationery and cake décor.


“The current trend for 2016 seems to be more natural designs to include lots of interesting foliage.  Brides have been asking for full, compact designs full of large headed blooms for the last couple of years but I see a trend changing to the inclusion of more beautiful foliage.“ Bev from Jade’s Flower Design.


“It is all about the wildflowers, the meadows, and the countryside. It is less structured and more wild and organic, not so refined and put together. Think romantic meadow prints, carefree summer days. We will also see botanical illustrations – sketched imagery, hand drawings, which can be intricate and delicate.” Vaishali from Ananya.


“There will be more wildflowers, less structured bouquets, dried flowers, heather, ivy vines, and wildflower posies. Loose, wild displays inside receptions and ceremonies will continue to give that inside-out garden look, expanding onto tables more and more in keeping with the wild natural bouquets that we’ve seen this year.” Liz from Blue Sky Flowers.



Blue has always been a popular wedding colour, probably thanks to the well-known wedding saying, and next year will see a combination of deep blue and violet culminating in indigo. From bridesmaid dresses, hydrangea bouquets, to grooms attire, pastel blue will inject a cool but luxurious vibe.


Just this week, Pantone have released their colour trend predictions for the year ahead. For the first time ever they have chosen a blend of two tones, Rose Quartz and Serenity. A sensual, soft mix of pink and blue. Pantone’s experts say they wanted to reflect a blurring of genders in fashion and design in the coming year, which makes it perfect for blending the traditional masculine and feminine energies of a wedding.

Wedding Trends 2016 Pantone - Dream Occasions


“Blue, generally speaking, is a calming, relaxing, cooling colour. It suits men and women; it’s a safe and non-threatening colour, loved by most people throughout the world.  In 2016, there will be a sea of blue and, in particular, indigo. Shades of blue are highly adaptable to one’s style preference; deeper shades like indigo, royal and navy blue can give a regal, sophisticated look.” Vaishali from Ananya.


Metals and Stone

Metallic is going to continue to be huge in 2016, and can be used for every element of your day from stationery to jewellery, cakes and table décor to inject a real glamorous feel.  Sequins and rose gold will be very popular.


Marble effect is also going to be hot this year, with brides using the strong, bold look on anything from cakes to stationery. The stone-effect design has an obvious strength, but also conveys a lot of regal femininity.


“I think that luxe foil metallic, having emerged in 2015, are going to big in 2016.  Combined with rich, berry toned florals on cakes the look is very bold and glamorous. We seem to be leaving the rustic behind for a more upmarket, creative vibe.”  Helen, from Amelie’s Kitchen.


“Rose gold has been very popular this year for containers and hardware and will continue to be in 2016 – teamed with blush but also used as a warm highlight with pale blues and soft greys.” Liz from Blue Sky Flowers.


“The ascent of rose gold with its soft glow has definitely caught the imagination of the fashion world, and this is being adapted into the world of wedding stationery. With its versatility, equally stunning when combined with deep, rich colours such as claret, burgundy or even purple, as well as soft pastels such as peach, blush pink and grey, rose gold is sure to cast its spell in 2016.” Vaishali from Ananya.



2016 will see brides continuing to incorporate bold patterns and prints into their big days. Think chevron, polka dots, stripes, marble or geometric shapes and you can use them with every element of your day. The best part about patterns and prints is that a little goes a long way.  One of our 2015 weddings featured geometrics in a big way and it certainly gave a very modern and fun feel to the wedding design.


Vaishali from Ananya explains, “For those who like to make a bold statement, the trend for geometric designs is a perfect fit. There are no rules when it comes to the design and colour combinations. Be as bold as your personality; patterns can be as complicated OR simple or ornate as you like.”

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