Wedding Planner Internship Opportunity

If you’re interested in learning more about the life of a wedding planner then an internship or work experience could be just what you’re looking for. And I just so happen to be looking for a new one to start October 2016.

Dream Occasions interns shadow me whilst I organise client events, but also gain an understanding of how running an entrepreneurial business works. I’m looking for someone bubbly and enthusiastic, someone who has passion for the events industry, someone for whom this isn’t a future career but more a calling.

13735513_1147190278653471_1829196729734363510_o-2How will an internship benefit you?

I adore the wedding planning industry and thrive on nurturing new planners. You’ll receive hands on experience on how much detail goes into organising each client event. But you are in control of your time, you will make decisions on whether you wish to attend client meetings or indeed actual events if happening during your internship with us. Interning with Dream Occasions will:

  • enable you to gain experience before entering into paid employment or starting your own business
  • enable you to make professional networking connections with our excellent suppliers, venues and event planners
  • provide you with a commendable reference for you to use if seeking employment elsewhere
  • give you an understanding of how an event planners works,  plus most excitedly, you will receive personal private tuition and mentoring from Bernadette based on the UKAWP popular courses
  • give you additional skills in PR, marketing, design, blogging and negotiating. All essential in running your own entrepreneurial business.

The ideal candidate will have/be some of the below

  • a passion for weddings and events, someone who constantly reads bridal magazines and blogs.
  • an understanding of current and predicted wedding trends
  • a passion for learning new skills
  • extremely organised with the ability to juggle different tasks at the same time, especially switching between the 2 businesses
  • a confident but unflappable personality
  • an ability to adapt to a home office environment in a rural setting
  • excellent communication skills both written and spoken
  • excellent computer skills including Microsoft office, basic photo editing skills
  • excellent knowledge of at least 2 of the following social media platforms: twitter, google+, facebook, Pinterest


What hours are you needed?

2 days per week (totally flexible on the days), 10am – 2pm when in Coggeshall, any hours that suit you if based from home

At least 1 day needs to be in the home office of Bernadette in Coggeshall, Essex thus your own car is essential. The remaining 1 day can be at your own home or you are welcome to spend both days with Bernadette. The more time we spend together the more you will learn organically especially when you accompany me to meetings. You also have the opportunity to attend client meetings and event is you wanted to.

Bernadette Chapman-071


3 months ideally although this can be flexible depending on the right candidate, starting early October.

Important information

A few things that are important to know before applying for this internship.

  • An internship is unpaid, however any meetings or events you attend will have travel expenses covered by me. If working at an event you will be paid an hourly rate plus have meals provided.
  • When working from Coggeshall feel free to dress in comfortable clothes, when attending events or meetings smart business wear is required
  • Please only apply if you are in Essex or Suffolk as there are no easy public transport links to Coggeshall.
  • I have a dog so please only apply if you are comfortable with dogs. He is very friendly and once he has said hello he will go to his bed.
  • To apply please send an email by the 21st September including:
  • Your C.V +
  • A paragraph stating why you would like this internship
  • A mood board, computerised or hand made showcasing your personality

Bernadette Chapman-119

My Promise

I promise to guide and nurture you in this exciting industry providing onsite training. I will be utterly flexible on the days you wish to be with me. And although you will not receive payment we will ensure the training and mentoring you receive far outweigh the time you have spent not earning.

Contact Bernadette on to apply for this internship

Credits: Kerry Morgan 

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