Why I’m falling in love with table plans again

When I first launched as a wedding planner in 2002, all my clients would have the traditional style table plans. Then as trends evolved I began using escort/seating cards more and have written previous blog posts on this topic . Over the years, I’ve designed some really cool concepts for clients using escort cards.

However, over the past 18 months, I’ve noticed an increase in table plans with many clients preferring this over the more modern, quirky escort/seating cards. And thus I’ve begun to fall in love with them all over again, it’s like rekindling lost love. Here are 5 ways you can create your table plan easily, but also make a big statement on your wedding day.

  1. Using individual picture frames to create a table plan is very easy to do and allows you to change seating at the last minute if needed. You can print the card or paper at home, then simply pop into a picture frame. Choose different frames for each table and think about either mounting them or displaying them on a table. Wedding Table Plan Ideas - Dream Occasions
  2. Have your stationery designer create one so it’s in the same design as your invitations and remaining reception stationery. This creates continuity on the day.
  3. Use a giant mirror and stick printed cards for each table on it. Just think about where you position it as the sunlight can make it harder to read guest names.Wedding Table Plan Ideas002
  4. What about reclaiming an old window and positioning the table names & guest names inside each window pane , you can either print on card or use chalk pens to handwrite them yourselves.Wedding Table Plan Ideas003
  5. Subscribe to companies like Perfect Table  or Top Table Planner to track your RSVP’s, then create a floor plan and table plan of guest names. You can even print the plan at home or send it to a professional printer. Display in a large picture frame and decorate with fresh flowers.

I spoke to a couple of my stationers to get their views on table plans.

I’ve always associated escort cards with American weddings and although in some ways they allow for a greater way to experiment and sign post guests to their tables in a really creative way – I find many English couples like a traditional table plan which is perhaps more typically used and needs less explanation to family guests who may not be familiar with the escort cards system. That’s not to say that a table plan can’t be experimental. I’ve created table plans involving a world map with each table representing a place in the world which the couple (an English groom and a bride of Indian heritage) hold special or have personally visited on their globe-trotting travels. They found this a great way to bring together two cultures and include their many international guests. For another wedding, I helped create a table plan which represented an aerial map of London with each table being a famous London landmark illustration that was also added to their table name sign. In making both these more creative table plans, the couples were able to keep and frame the table plan as a memento work of art to remember their wedding and all the people who were there. Of course – traditional table plans with hand painted details are also popular and great for those who don’t have the time to do something so experimental – especially when table plans so often have last minute amendments!” Julie Annis, Holly Hock Lane 

Wedding Table Plan Ideas004Wedding Table Plan Ideas005Wedding Table Plan Ideas007Wedding Table Plan Ideas006Wedding Table Plan Ideas009Wedding Table Plan Ideas008

Wedding table plans have always been a popular choice as they are among the simpler options to choose from when it comes to showing guests to their seats. Although escort cards and seating plan cards are favoured by some brides these are still a relatively new trend which has come over from America. The traditional table plan board will always be our favourite because they make such a lovely design statement when displayed at the entrance to a wedding reception. Whether you’re going for a fun and colourful, elegant and classic or rustic style celebration, your table plan can help tie all the little details together. Jenny, Hip Hip Hooray

Wedding Table Plan Ideas010Wedding Table Plan Ideas011

I would love to get your views on what you prefer? Escort/seating cards or table plans?

Get in touch!

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  1. Marianne Chua on 23rd June 2016 at 8:51 am

    Some of those table plans are gorgeous!

  2. Peter@Babbphoto on 14th July 2016 at 9:50 am

    I am loving that glass door one. But I think the best is Kat and Ben’s custom illustrated plan.

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