The meaning of love…

Meaning of love

Meaning of love

Going through my weddings of 2008 it was lovely to reminisce about past clients personalities and what I enjoyed most about working with them. I especially enjoyed seeing the ceremony pictures, at the end of the day it is about 2 people declaring their love in front of friends and family, its about becoming husband and wife. As a wedding planner it can be easy to get carried away with the little details, worrying about colouring co-ordinating and sourcing unique products so looking through my weddings of 2008 reminded me why I love my job immensely. It’s the look that crosses their faces when they see each other for the first time at the ceremony that brings goose bumps to my arms.

For some event planners they enter the industry because they ‘love organising‘ or are ‘brimming with creativity‘, for me I realise ‘I love people‘, they fascinate me. Meeting clients friends and family is invigorating as you see similar personality traits, I feel privileged to have the trust of my clients at such a personal time in their lives.

There is one photo that to me highlights the meaning of love and marriage which is of Tom & Melanie’s wedding in August 2008. I love the anticipation of Tom’s face as Melanie is walking down the aisle. The photography was provided on the day by who is always a joy to work with.

p.s. You will see more of Melanie as she will be the new ‘bride of 2009’ for my marketing materials. My designers are busy working on implementing Melanie into my design so once ready I will announce properly.

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