10 Things You Never Knew About Being a Wedding Planner

Whenever people ask me what my job is they get incredibly curious about what a wedding planner does, after all planning someones wedding is a privilege and such a happy occasion to organise. So I try to give realistic snippets into my working life when I can as I’m sure this is a dream job for many.

In January I published a post called “Demystifying a career as a wedding planner” explaining myths vs reality, in 2012 I published a post highlighting what I do the week of a wedding  Being a wedding planner is at the top of many people’s dream job list, but does the reality match up with the romantic fantasy? If you are curiours about what my role is really like pop on over to Marie Claire online to read an article called “10 Things You Never Knew About Being a Wedding Planner” which the UKAWP were recently interviewed for.

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