Are you becoming a Bridezilla?

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term ‘bridezilla’ and perhaps even see the US programme by the same name . I think the reason why some brides get a little overwhelmed with their planning is that they want it to be perfect and cannot understand why everyone else does have the same fixation on ribbon colours as she does! So I thought it might be prudent to write some tips on how to keep your bridezilla moment down to a minimum!

Firstly how do you know if you are becoming a bridezilla? Well symptoms include bouts of selfishness, controlling behaviour, mood swings and compulsive meticulousness……….. gosh sounds like I’m describing my Son J  

  1. Delegate – There are probably several people you know who would love to help you in some aspect of your wedding. Remember, there are minor tasks that others are capable of carrying out. They can be trusted! If your work commitments leave you with precious little time to plan and arrange a wedding, call in the professionals. Wedding planners do the job for a living and will ease your worries without taking over.
  2. Keep your perspective – While there is no doubt that your wedding day is an incredibly important day in your life, it is just one day. Your future happiness does not depend on your wedding alone and a perfect wedding day does not guarantee a perfect marriage.
  3. Details aren’t everything – While there is no denying that a beautifully designed and co-ordinated wedding will look stunning and wow your guests, don’t let it become a source of anxiety. If your bridesmaids don’t have matching shades of eye shadow or the tassels on the order of service are a tint darker than you envisaged, does it really matter?
  4. There is a groom as well! – Discuss with your fiancé what he would like to be involved in and establish his responsibilities. This enables you both to know where you are in terms of the planning process from the onset.
  5. Things can go wrong – Even the most meticulous planning won’t prevent a freak thunderstorm from happening or a traffic accident delaying suppliers and guests. Realise that there are things beyond your control and when situations arise, accept them with grace and humour.

Above all enjoy the planning, if it all gets too much consider hiring a planner, to find one in your area visit

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