Special touches for your wedding

Couples always want to incorporate little touches into their wedding. Usually, a lot of time and thought about the guests is put in. Here are some thoughts about those little touches, just for you to be aware of: Encourage your friends and family to send back their rsvp cards by making them more fun. Or how…

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5 Ways to keep your wedding guests happy

The majority of my clients always state they want guests to feel relaxed and welcome at their wedding. They don’t want it to feel ostentatious or too formal. Therefore as their planner I work on ensuring guests have the best time at my clients wedding. Over the last 13 years I’ve found 3 reasons why…

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Top ideas for table names

One decision that couples tend to have difficulty agreeing on, is what to call their tables, do they choose numbers or name them? If they name them what should it be, should it reflect the theme or have meaning to them. Before I give you some top ideas I thought I would share with you…

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