7 tips for an easy Christmas

Recently I was standing in the queue for new Christmas tree lights, yep the new ones bought last year no longer worked. I’m standing there for a long time as the women in front send a worker to find a hook she could use for her wreath. Each one he found was too large , she turned to me to apologise and explained she wanted the hook so she could hang the wreath of her door knocker.

There was the moment when I thought, do I smile politely or do I give her my advice? I’m sure everyone in the events industry has had similar moments. So it got me thinking, I wonder how many Christmas tips I take for granted that others may not think of? So without further delay here are my top 7 tips for Christmas, I would love to hear your tips as well.


If hanging a wreath on your doorknocker, use some gorgeous satin ribbon, stronger then organza. Easy and elegant to do.


If you have more then one child use a different colour wrapping paper for them, this ensures you don’t have to put a label on every single gift and speeds the process up. In our house, my eldest always has red wrapping paper, my middle child blue and my youngest pink or white!


When planning my food shopping I work out the menu for key dates, I can then tick of my list. I do my order online for delivery couple of days before. Any additional items I can just buy from my local shop


When cooking my Christmas dinner I again have a list of each food item, temperature and cooking time. What can I say, I’m a planner, I like lists!


I always use organza or satin ribbon for my present wrapping which look far more elegant then the plastic variety.  You can buy cheaply from craft shops or just keep remnants of ribbon from gifts other people give you throughout the year.


When decorating your tree, always start with the lights, have the lights inset slightly, you don’t want to be seeing the lighting cord, start from the top so the end with the plug ends up at the bottom. The second items to go onto your tree is any garland you have like tinsel or strands of ribbon. Finish with your hanging decorations, I have a mix of plain baubles and my more expensive pretty to look at versions. Don’t forget to hang decorations at the back of the tree as well


Although its only family I always decorate my linen napkins, try ribbon tied round them holding in place cinnamon sticks or sprigs of holly. Make little name tags and attach to the ribbon.

Oh and in case you’re wondering yes I did give my advice to the lady in the queue, she thanked me and exclaimed “I don’t know why I didnt think of that

So there you have it, my simple tips that make my life a little easier each christmas.

What do you do that makes your christmas easier or prettier?


Photo by Trad Vint Flowers 


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