7 tips for organising a garden party

Do you have a special event you plan to celebrate this year by hosting a garden party? We have organised many parties over the years and specialise in garden style events. There is a lot of organisation involved in garden parties so we hope these 7 tips help you with your planning. You can look at previous parties we have organised by visiting our party gallery , if you are interested in hiring us for your event please do get in touch


Just because your party is in July doesn’t necessarily mean it will be warm. Ensure you have contingencies in place for bad weather. Think about where guests will actually be walking.

  • From their car to the party location
  • Walkway to marquees or toilets
  • Shelter during the party if it is all outside

You might need to have some gazebos ready to put up if the weather forecast is not good. If your numbers are high, you might consider hiring a marquee. Did you know you can hire in umbrellas as well? You need to place an order  with Hire a Brolly by Tuesday for a Thursday delivery


If you have various services booked you need to think about the access route. Is there enough room for vehicles to come and go and deliver generators, mobile toilets, bars, furniture, catering trailer? Or is it a narrow track where only one vehicle at a time can deliver? Produce a delivery and collection schedule so you know what is being delivered and when. Of course arrange deliveries in a logical manner. No point having furniture delivered if the marquee floor hasn’t been put down.


If you are having a marquee, is this in a secure area? Some items will be delivered on the Friday so depending on the value you might need to hire someone to act as security on the Friday and Saturday night until items are collected on the Sunday


Regardless of whether you are having an informal garden party, or formal sit down dinner. You need to think about what furniture is needed. Even a garden BBQ event requires some seating for guests.


Do you have sufficient parking? If parking is in a nearby field then provide a solid walkway for guests in case it is raining, walking across a sodden field in heels is not much fun. Ensure there is good signage so people know where to park. And don’t forget lighting, people need to ‘find’ the car park at night! If you do not have the parking on site then is there a nearby public car park guests can use?


Ensure the neighbours are aware of the party and anticipated noise. If they are not invited then why not pay for a night away for them? That way you should reduce any requests for music to be turned down, well worth the £100-200 it will cost you.


Be very aware of power, how much do the band, toilets and caterer need? Is the home supply enough and more importantly do you want to risk the power tripping? Think seriously about hiring a small generator if only for peace of mind.

Photo Credit: Nick Kontou 

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