A christening poem

This weekend it will be my daughters christening, when working out the guest list we realised we have 50 adults and 35 children, and this is just family and close friends. The problem as you get older is everyone else is having children the same time as you, thus the numbers are increasing. Therefore I have been thinking ways that I can involve the children in the hope they wont get bored. I have come up with the following steps.

  1. My youngest son and a friend of a similar age will hand out ‘order of service sheets’ to guests as they arrive. Yes I know it’s not a wedding but I couldnt resist!
  2. My oldest son will read a short prayer he has written
  3. 5 children will read a fabulous poem I have found – see below
  4. My youngest son and a friend of a similar age will hand out bubbles to children as they leave church
  5. When we arrive at the hall I have hired, there will be a children table of food whereas the caterers will bring round canapes for the adults
  6. We are taking our garden games from Dream Occasions Hire to keep them amused

I’m hoping all the above will keep them happy, and the adults? Just lots of drink and food should do the trick!

Being Small

Sometimes I just hate being small,
When everybody else is tall,
I think the world is most unfair
With me down here and them up there.

It’s awful when a juicy peach
Is in a bowl far out of reach
Or parents have safely put away
The toys with which I want to play.

It’s terrible to have to stretch
For everything you want to fetch
While bigger people help themselves
To things from off the highest shelves.

Perhaps it might be less unfair
If they were kind of stuck up there
And had to wait till I came round
To give them things from off the ground;

But no, they can easily bend,
To fetch and carry, make and mend,
While if I want to reach that cup,
I have no way of bending up!

John Maguire


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