A scented experiment

Recently I talked about the 5 senses at functions and why they are important. One of the senses I use is SMELL. I frequently use scented candles and know from personal experience it is important to buy a good quality candle. In fact I did a little experiment recently when we had friends over for a little soiree.

I lit my ‘Blushing Rose’ candle (£25) from Sandy Bay London  in the kitchen, I’ve had this for a few months and light it every weekend to relax. Then I lit ‘Orchid & Sweet Coconut’ from Sainsburys (£4.50).

Scented Candles

The candle from Sandy Bay is very nearly finished, I have lit this candle numerous times. The smell is very gentle and relaxing, the container is a white gloss glass which I like so you can’t ‘see’ the candle inside. And for me most importantly, the candle has been burning evenly everytime, there is no wastage. I hate spending money on a candle then seeing all this wax unused!

The candle from Sainsburys was a very fresh smell, it is in a modern clear glass BUT I only had it lit for 5 hours and already you can see it is not burning evenly. So instead of the promised 45 hours I suspect I will get only half that time as I anticipate a thick rim of wax left behind.

Scented candles

So is this one of those times when ‘you get what you paid for’? Would I every use a cheap scented candle at one of my events? Not likely! Would I use Sandy Bay or other well known suppliers of scented candles? Absolutely. I think in my mind if the candle is under £15 I would be suspicious it would last.


What are your views? What candles have you used before that are good or not so good?

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