Beautiful crystals

Beautiful crystals with natural healing qualities for good health and well being …..

At Christmas my good friend Sandy Moretta and UKAWP colleague sent me an organza bag of beautiful crystals from Wishsticks . They arrived in a little organza bag with gift tag which made me think how perfect they would be for weddings.


The crystals sent to me were:

Charoite – help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to aid sleep, especially effective with babies and small children.

Rose Quartz – the love crystal, calming and reassuring in times of stress or trauma. An excellent ‘all-rounder’, like Amethyst this crystal will always be comforting to wear and will encourage happiness.

Amethyst – a calming stone with strong healing powers. It helps to alleviate stress and release tension and so can aid restful sleep.mixed-tumbles-2More information available from Wishsticks

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