Bridal Dilemmas

Q: I hope you don’t find me rude but why the fuss over wedding planners? Just what do you do? It seems an awful waste of money to me, sorry!
Don’t apologise I can understand why you could be confused. Hiring a wedding planner is not for everyone but those that do hire us feel relieved knowing their wedding will be organised to a professional standard. Personally many of my clients no longer live in the area and do not want to burden (or trust) their parents with all the organising. They all work very long hours with little time for wedding research let alone meetings. Some say they have seen friends all consumed with the wedding and do not wish to go the same way. As well as full planning most planners offer on the day co-ordination leaving you to plan the wedding and just handing over to ensure your plans are carried out on the day. For more help view the UK Alliance of Wedding Planner ( for further details on what questions to ask a planner.

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