Bridal Dilemmas

Q. We have finally chosen our venue for our wedding next summer but I’m really stuck on what colour/theme. It seems whenever conversation comes up regarding the wedding it’s the first thing people say ‘whats your theme then’? Ahhh, I feel like screaming I DON’T KNOW!

For some brides choosing a theme/colour is so easy and something they have been thinking about secretly for years. But for others, it takes a little investigation to find a style that is right for you. First thing first, go back to the venue and look at the walls, floor and general décor – you don’t want to pick a theme of lilac in a red gothic building. Then speak with the venue about what colours looks great in their building. Finally start looking at interior magazines as well as wedding magazines to see what fabrics, colours, accessories and styles you like/dislike. Start cutting the ones you like out and stick to an A3 card. Take this to a DIY shop and collect paint swatches to find out what colours work well together. Hopefully after this process you have a colour and theme to work with!

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