Bridal Dilemmas

I was recently asked to help answer some bridal dilemmas in the September/October issue of An Essex Wedding magazine, I thought they might be useful for some of my blog visitors that are unable to buy the magazine so I have recreated the question below.


Q. I would love our wedding to express our personalities, but I’ve just been so bombarded with ideas from friends and relatives, blogs and magazines that I just don’t know where to start. I feel I need to focus and make it uniquely about us. Can you help?

It can be very easy to follow the crowd, and this is why so many weddings look similar. My advice is to sit with your fiancé and answer the following questions:

  • Choose one word to sum up your dream day
  • Do you want your wedding to be: fun / glamorous / quirky / classic / rustic  or vintage

Then you can begin to think about the overall tone of your celebrations. Don’t get too caught up in little details yet. Your design could be bold & daring or you could favour a classic look with subtle touches.

Start collating images in a scrapbook or via pinterest of styles you like, using a variety of media sources including wedding magazines and blogs. This enables you to slowly create a moodboard of looks you love. Don’t rush it or try to force a design, and don’t panic if you change your mind, this is perfectly normal. And finally the most stylish weddings are those where the venue type and wedding décor work seamlessly together




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