Bruno Mars “Marry You”

I was reading an article by the Huffingtonpost about proposals  and in particular the number of proposals that now feature Bruno Mars “Marry You” as the song to propose to. It got me thinking, if I was somewhere that a bunch of dancers started performing to this song I’d immediately think, a-ha alright, who is proposing then! It’s a bit like Channel 4 “Secret Millionaire”, if I ran a charity and someone wanted to volunteer and oh by the way I have a film crew I’d be on my best behaviour in case it was the secret millionaire!

I love the tune to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and his voice is to die for but as the huffington post points out, the words aren’t exactly charming. — “It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you … If you wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool, I won’t blame you. It was fun, girl.” That doesn’t exactly scream, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

So what song do you think is good to propose to?

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