Choosing Your First Dance

It might be that you know instantly what song you’ll dance to, maybe it’s a song that was playing when you first met or your first holiday together. Or perhaps you’ll choose a song that suits the wedding theme, if there is one.
If there isn’t a song that currently evokes emotions to you, then select one to create memories in the future.

Wedding first Dance WEDDING-FIRST-DANCE-0002
Listen to the Lyrics
Sound obvious?
But that beautiful melody you love, that seems perfect to smooch on the dancefloor to as husband and wife, isn’t as appropriate as you might think. For example, The Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ is about a jilted ex stalking his ex-lover. Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ is a break-up song.

Live or Recorded?
If you have hired a live band don’t assume they can play your first dance song. It might be a different genre, or it might be an additional charge for them to learn it. Some bands advise you dance to a pre recorded version as this is invariably the one you have practiced the dance to (you have practiced right?)

Some Suggestion to get you started 

  1. Adele: ‘Lovesong’
  2. Bruno Mars: ‘Just The Way You Are’
  3. Beyonce: XO
  4. Elbow: ‘One Day Like This’
  5. Etta James: ‘At Last’
  6. Jack Johnson: ‘Better Together’
  7. Jason Mraz: ‘I’m Yours’
  8. John Legend: ‘All of Me’
  9. Luke Bryan: Crash my Party
  10. Maroon 5: Sweetest Goodbye
  11. Michael Bublé: ‘Everything’
  12. Rihanna: ‘Diamonds’
  13. Train: ‘Marry Me’
  14. Miley Cyrus: Adore You

Photographers: Kerry Morgan //  Neil Fortescue // Jasmine Jade

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