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After each wedding I send my clients a feedback form to see if there are any improvements I can make for the future. I have a folder of feedback and thank you cards which is so large I need to get a new one as I have run out of space! One of my recent clients Sarah & Tom (their wedding is currently on Kerry Morgan blog) send me the following testimonial, I did laugh as they said they tried to think about what improvement I could make but said We tried for ages but in the end actually couldn’t think of a single thing you could have improved!”

Bernadette, we really don’t know how we would have managed without you over the last 18 months!  As Tom & I both lead such busy lives, your constant support was truly indispensible.  From our very first meeting you seemed to really understand our style and the result was a wedding that was just perfect for us in every way down to the tiniest detail.

You were always there to answer every query and concern we had, no matter how minor and this helped so much in keeping us both calm in the run-up to the wedding.  Having the comfort of knowing that you were there to take care of everything was priceless – it allowed us to just relax and actually enjoy our wedding day!

Looking back on the day itself we can honestly say there wasn’t a single thing we would change – every element was simply fantastic.  Our guests agreed – we lost count of the number of times we heard the words “amazing”, “stunning”, “beautiful” and “fabulous”!   So thank you so much Bernadette for making our wedding day so perfect.

I also received a note from Alice Ogilvie the conference manager at Queen’s College :

Our team really enjoyed working with you, and were very impressed by how chilled you were on the day! I must say that that is very unusual trait of most wedding coordinators we have worked with, so congratulations on an obviously well planned event.


Important note:

You can only marry at Queen’s College if you are an old member. 

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