Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Say it with me! “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” One more time, “don’t sweat the small stuff!”

It’s a great nugget of advice – but truth be told it’s much easier said than done. When you embark on your wedding planning journey, the reality of how much needs to be coordinated quickly sets in. Family, friends, invites, venue, decor, favours, food, dancing, the dress (and that’s to name but a few components)! It’s all too easy to get carried away and bogged down. I’ve seen it many, many times. Brides who fall into the dark chasm of overwhelm – completely bewildered by all the ‘must-haves’, do’s, don’ts, endless Pinterest board ideas and don’t forget, all this while trying to cater for the individual needs of your guests. It’s easy to see why there could be a slippery slope to tissueville!

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So what to do?  In my experience, the best way to put things into perspective is to break it down to basics. This will allow you to take a step back from the whirlwind and see the big picture, which is that your wedding day is a celebration of love. The love that you and your fiance share. The love that your family and friends have for you and being able to all get together on one day to have an almighty shindig.

Essex Wedding Planner | Dream Occasions

Now that things are a little clearer and there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel – what’s next? Firstly, I suggest getting back to the drawing board and working through your to-do list.

Essex Wedding Planner | Dream Occasions

Secondly, aim to narrow down all the bits and bobs that you really want to incorporate into your wedding.  Keep things that scream your personalities and will make the day personal to you.

Thirdly, if you need help, just ask! Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be done and the time frame you have to do it in, call in the cavalry. Bridesmaids, mums and most importantly any vendors that you may have working with you (they are there to assist!). Try to remember that your guests will be blissfully unaware of all the organisation and planning in the lead-up and on the day.

Essex Wedding Planner | Dream Occasions

Lastly, and most importantly, concentrate on yourself!  This is your big day and all your suppliers will be busy pulling together all the little details you have lovingly chosen. Take your foot off the gas and enjoy the moment. Forget about handing confetti to your guests, setting up your tablescapes, wondering if your starters will be ready on time or if your DJ finds the power outlet. With the right help, all these things will be taken care of behind the scenes.  Trust me, your guests will be none the wiser and you will be able to enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Without a care in the world!

Essex Wedding Planner | Dream Occasions

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