Fairy Princess Party

In January my youngest child turned 3, after having 10 years of boys parties, it was nice to bring out my girly side. She is obsessed with princesses and fairies and frankly anything pink. We invited just a few of her friends to a princess party, despite being amazingly busy with Dream Occasions I managed to pull together a small party for her. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time (although I’m sure my husbands credit card is thankful) or that I didn’t have a professional photographer on the day. Next time I might trick Mark Bothwell over for tea considering he is so local (therefore please excuse the quality of my images!)

My husband is a beaver scout leader so we were able to use ‘Scout HQ’ for the party.  I asked the talented Emma from A Bespoke Design to create some fun invites for me, we wanted the invites to reflect the theme but more importantly the age of the children, we thought it would be fun for the ‘princesses’ to be able to colour in their own invites. Each invite was tied with ribbon and had their own named tag.

The Games

Due to the age we had to be careful with what games we played, therefore we stuck to:

  • Freeze Fairy (aka musical statues) , I thought this would be an easy game but they were all so shy they linked hands with me and we ‘flew’ likes fairies instead, just as well I was dressed as a grown up fairy
  • Musical Chimes, I told the children that if they made musical chimes the fairies would come and visit their gardens
  • Pin the Crown, we had a large picture of a fairy princess so the children were blindfolded then had to place the crown on the princess head
  • Sleeping Fairies, frankly I think this is the best game ever, perfect for some quiet time
  • Pass the Parcel, good old favourite never fails

The Table

  • Unless I went OTT and called in James there wasn’t much I could do with the scout HQ so I just concentrated on making the actual table pretty instead
  • I had some gorgeous fairy helium balloons but due to my wonderful photography, you can’t actually see them!
  • I borrowed some wire handbags from Jades Flowers and filled with jewelry, marshmallows and flowers
  • The plates were alternate rounded spotted and floral pink ones and every guest had a wand so they could create their own spells

The Food

  • For the food I tried to make it look fun and interesting, Emma made some labels for me so sporadically I used them in the food. I decorated the table with sparkles and large wands
  • Each child had a personalised water bottle
  • I made mini fruit kebabs which even the fussiest child seems to eat
  • Of course we had to have pink mini donuts and fairy bread 
  • I put some popcorn in fairy cases and displayed on tiered cake stands
  • Local cake maker made some fun cake pops and white chocolate wands
  • And the cake of course, was a Tinkerbell one

Just for you

  • Upon leaving each child was given a gift bag containing puzzles, cake pop, princess jewelry, sweets, bubbles and their chime
  • Tied to each bag was a little tag saying thanks for coming to my party
  • And because I was busy being a ‘fairy’ I forgot to take a picture of my daughter on her own in her fairy dress so instead here is a recent one in her Periwinkle fairy costume at her Nannies house
  • In case you wondered, I still have no interest in organising children parties, I’ll be sticking to my weddings and adult occasions instead

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