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Lets face it, we are definitely in winter now. The nights are cold and dark and all we want to do is cuddle up. In fact my office is so cold I even sit here with a hot water bottle! But do you know what is great about winter? Its having non guilt hot chocolate, after all you need it to keep warm!
Most weddings and parties have some form of dessert table, and many clients have had drinks stations as well (just think pimp my prosecco or gin cocktails). But what about creating a hot chocolate station?  And no I don’t mean just put an urn of water down with mugs and leave it at that!
Like with the dessert stations you should use colours that incorporate your theme and think about how to display each item, increasing height where appropriate.

Your table

Either use a beautiful dresser that instantly gives you varying heights to display items. Or if using a table think about what cloth to use, perhaps use white linen but then layer it with a winter blanket to create that cosy feeling.

hot chocolate station

What do you need

In terms of the display remember to create interest with different heights so think cake stands but also low glass or white platters, use small glass containers for items like choc chips or marshmallows. Buy some shakers or loose coco and cinnamon so guests can sprinkle to their hearts content. You could include a couple of liquors for those guests that like their coffee with a ‘kick’.  Have a thermos with warm cream and have a bowl of whipped cream for guests who like a bit of indulgence with their coffee or hot chocolate

hot chocolate station wedding
A hot chocolate bar not only allows guests to create their own toasty drinks, but they can mingle as they indulge in toppings such as yummy marshmallows, sweet caramel and chocolate chips. Not necessarily something they’d do if at home.

Get crafty

Don’t forget the little touches, include labels, signs and tags on your hot chocolate station. You could even include a backdrop signage like the one shown. Over the years I have frequently searched the internet for fun downloads I can print at home for special occasions. There are various companies you can buy from or indeed make your own fun labels. But if you want to make life easy then shutterfly have kindly given my readers some printables to use.
Just click here to download.
Photos courtesy of shutterfy
Printable downloads for your hot chocolate station available from shutterfly

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