Introducing Jessica, our marriage proposal planner

I am delighted to introduce you to Jessica who has joined the Dream Occasions team primarily in the role of “Proposal Planner“. Jessica is immensely calm and friendly and I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for this side of the business. The very first proposal she took on for Dream Occasions was organised in just 5 days, nothing seems to faze her. We receive proposal enquires every week so I have no doubt Jessica will be kept incredibly busy!


  • From the age of 6 I started my travels, growing up and schooled in India, Dubai and Russia.
  • All my holidays consisted of cultural and historical tours from my father who taught me the passion of life.
  • I love challenges and being creative in all aspects of my life (sometimes having impossible and crazy ideas)
  • I am a huge animal lover, I have never not owned a pet, and being born into a family that had a cat and dog it comes naturally to me. I want to cuddle any animal, cats, dogs, bears, and tigers!
  • I am very loyal and can kind hearted but I like precision when it comes to making plans. Making sure I have everything in place the week before the holiday or event.
  • My weakness…chocolate…I am a chocoholic without a doubt.
  • Dancing is a huge passion of mine, I feel free and alive when I can dance like nothing matters in that moment.
  • At the same time I just love a day in bed with my partner of 4 years sitting in pjs and watching a marathon of movies or series
  • I have worked in various sectors from the Metropolitan Police, British American Tobacco, Gumball 3000 (Obsession with sports cars also especially American muscle; dream car the 1965 Thunderbird convertible) and of course working for multiple wedding planners as well as an Event coordinator for a recruitment company.
  • I started my own business two years ago, which is slowing building reputation, I have never looked back.
  • I am highly organized and quick in my research and sending out relevant information, during my university years I never missed a single deadline.
  • I am a good listener and enjoy helping other make the most of life.
  • Taking Study of religion as my undergrad degree I learnt about life, death, love and culture. I have also taken a Masters degree in Project Management to boost my organisational skills and of course business skills.




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