Just Engaged? What next?

For some of you it has been an amazing Christmas filled with wedding proposals. If this is you I have no doubt you are eager to start planning your wedding. But hold fire, you wont get this time back again so it’s so important to take some time out to enjoy it.

Take this time to admire your engagement ring and tell your proposal story to anyone and everyone. I personally feel this is the ideal time to dream about your wedding, if money was no object what would you have? Start jotting these ideas down but at this stage don’t start the actual planning. Imagine your dress, think about celebrating with friends and family and of course the start of a new life as a married couple. Its good to do this without any outside influence from family or indeed blogs/pinterest. Ironic as I’m talking to you from a blog!

just engaged, what next

In the first week of getting engaged this is what you should concentrate on

  1. Call family and friends to tell them you are engaged. Tell your proposal story as they won’t want to hear this from anyone else
  2. Book a manicure to ensure your hands are looking their best when flashing your ring in person or indeed the much requested ring selfie!
  3. Arrange a night out to celebrate not only with friends but also each other, take that time to get excited.
  4. Start fantasising about your wedding. What would your dream wedding look like if money was no object? What would it feel like at that wedding? Think about where this wedding would be and what type of venue. Use one word to describe what this wedding would feel like to a guest. Ask your fiancé to do this exercise as well then compare notes. Any similarities in what you desire? What areas are non-negotiable, i.e perhaps the one word to sum up the feeling was fun and if so you’d want to spend a higher proportion of your budget on entertainment. If however, the word was elegant then money might be spent on the tablescape.
  5. Think about what season you wish to marry in and what year.  Must it be on a weekend or will you consider mid week (which can be cheaper for venue hires).

just engaged what next infographic


Next week I will run through the more practical steps on what to do at that start of your wedding planning journey. If you are interested in learning more about my wedding planning services pop onto my wedding page, view my gallery or get in touch via post@dream-occasions.co.uk


Photo by: Tracy Hosey , Max Burnett




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