If you are thinking about proposing how can you do so in a memorable way and how can you start preparing for your wedding? Be imaginative when proposing, the cinema and a meal might be sufficient for some men but if not show your man how creative you can be. Before we start do have a read on i-village for their advice on how to propose – I found this article rather amusing! 

My first piece of advice is only propose if you think he is going to say yes, if you have approached the subject of marriage before and he grumbles he doesn’t see the point or changes the subject, think carefully as he’s probably trying to tell you something in the way that men do, by not telling you!


Assuming you’re confident he will be delighted, here are my top 5 tips 

  1. Remember the proposal should be suited to your boyfriends likes/dislikes, not what YOU think is romantic. If you’re unsure why not sign up for my marriage proposal service
  2. Be honest about your feelings, why do you want to marry him? Tell him but don’t just say ‘you mean so much to me’, go into WHY you are entrusting your heart into his hands.
  3. Add a bit of humour by wearing something red as a token of the ‘red petticoat’ tradition.
  4. Have a gift for your hopefully fiancé, assuming he wont want a ring what about a watch? In fact that’s what I gave my husband when we got engaged (no he asked me!)
  5. Give him a chance to say yes and make sure you are somewhere he can concentrate on you, not on the train on the way home from work or when he’s trying to navigate the M25 traffic

 Some easy and simple ideas

  1. Arrange a photo shoot with a photographer, have some natural shots to emphasise why your man loves you, perhaps in locations that have meaning to you both? You could either have them enlarged or combine some shots in a small album, the last shot could be of you holding a sign say ‘Will you marry me?’
  2. If there is a remote spot you like to go to, perhaps for country walks or picnics, think about arranging a treasure hunt. When you arrive at the location hand him an envelope giving him a clue as to where he goes next, make sure this has been beautifully printed or with calligraphy. Keep leaving clues, perhaps some of his items from home OR pictures of you together highlighting your history. The last clue would lead him to you where you are standing by a picnic rug, blankets, cushions and of course champagne picnic. Keep this last bit simple; ask him to marry you – honestly and clearly. 
  3. Finally we all know the way to a man heart is through his stomach so how about this gorgeous proposal cake from GC Couture Cakes?  Priced at only £25 it won’t break the bank either. Yes I know it’s designed for the man to ask the lady but I’m sure if you ask an alternative can be made!


Once your man has said yes don’t forget it takes hours to organise a wedding so if this all sounds like too much hard work call a wedding planner  to assist you!

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  1. Melanie Heersway on 3rd February 2012 at 4:10 am

    Great photos in this post 🙂 Love the ring in the box

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