Benefits of hiring a party planner

Planning a major life celebration is an immense responsibility for the party host, which is why many are now turning to party planners to relieve some of that burden.

Benefits of hiring a party planner - Dream Occasions

So much pressure to throw the best party, you want your guests to have a night to remember. But there might be a little niggle when you ask yourself “just how difficult can it be?. My party planner service has soared over the last few years and the primary reason for hiring me is they just don’t have the time, followed very closely by the desire to throw a party to wow their friends and family.


I also have a number of clients who use me for future events as they enjoyed the process so much. Not every party is an elaborately themed affair, some are intimate private dinners. But all receive impeccable attention to detail resulting in a celebration to remember.


Still not sure? Here are the benefits of hiring a party planner.

  1. Saves you money – this might sound odd if you are paying a planner to organise the party for you. But a good party planner knows how to get the best value out of your money, where and how to spend it too.
  2. Saves you time – organizing an amazing party takes a lot of time and dedication. Once we understand your desires for your party we are able to do all the legwork for you. We conduct all the research, planning, design and project manage the party. You just need to say yes or no to options presented to you.
  3. Insider knowledge – organizing spectacular celebrations is what I do every day. I will be using my 13 years experience to ensure we are hiring the right suppliers to create an unforgettable celebration. From design to logistics, I’m there every step of the way.
  4. You’ll have fun – by handing over the logistics, spreadsheets and budget to me you’ll begin the enjoy the process far more. The time saved allows you to enjoy the process and have fun on the night. We promise having us on board will reduce your stress! You need not lift a finger except to sip your champagne on the night.
  5. Attention to detail – anyone can book a venue, choose a buffet and hire a DJ. By hiring Dream Occasions, we’ll be pushing you outside your comfort zone. Every aspect of your party will be designed and planned meticulously. We specialize in guest experiences by catering to the 5 senses, building surprises throughout the party.

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Wedding-Planner-UK021 Wedding-Planner-UK022

If you would like us to organise a fabulous celebration for you please do get in touch via our contact form as we’d love to help you.

Photo Credits: Kerry Morgan ; Mark Bothwell , Nick Kontou, Paula Day, Purple Peer Tree, More Than Words

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  1. Emily on 18th February 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Love the pictures you have of the outdoor parties! Really want to do something similar, have seen a few things on Fat Lama (really want to rent a popcorn machine and maybe candy floss!) Definitely think I’m going to go for something like this, great pictures!

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