My alta ego bride

Over the weekend I was running the Business Practicalities train course at Staverton Park, Northamptonshire. On day 2 the students conduct consultations with the tutors who are acting as their bride. I always enjoy this as depending on my mood I can create an outrageous wedding and character, the ‘bride’. Over the years I’ve insisted on riding my horse bareback or arriving by helicopter.

This weekend however I decided I wanted an elegant wedding at home as I have 20 acres of land to use…..and I wanted belly dancers or bollywood dancers in the evening. For my photographer I wanted some boudoir shots before the wedding to then give to my groom as a present on the wedding morning, + on the day my groom and I wanted to go off and have some ‘intimate’ photos of the 2 of us and we don’t mind if they are risqué! And to finish I wanted the wedding party to be taken off for posed, funky photos.

So, am I just a strange bride or do you know people with similar wishes? I’d love to hear your views especially from you photographers.

 p.s. I’ll be running the Step by Step course in Northamptonshire on the 13th & 14th November if you are interested in attending please contact me

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  1. Dasha on 25th October 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I think this ‘bride’ is quite normal. More demanding, but still normal ish. Boudoir shoots are very popular at the moment. And boudoir photos do make a great gift to the husband the next morning. I haven’t done boudoir before the wedding. I’ve had 2 brides who wanted this type of photographs as a gift on their 1st wedding anniversary. They were really pleased with the photos and loved their husbands’ reaction! To my opinion as professionals we need to educate our clients. They might think ‘posed, funky photos’, us photographers think ‘directed, but fun and relaxed’ wedding party photographs. We need to explain how we work and why we work in a certain way, and how it affects the end result. 🙂
    Exhibit Emotions Photography, London

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